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Gagetown Fruit Farm

Gagetown Fruit farm is a third-generation farm that grows apples, pears, plums, cherries, peaches and various berries. Running a small family farm requires a lot of hard work dedication. Matt and Heather’s combined skillsets make them perfect partners. Both passionate about continuing family traditions and providing their customers with sustainable local produce and products.  Greg EstabrooksMaintaining the farm’s history is important to Matt and Heather. The barn which houses their store and bar has transformed throughout the years but retains its original charm. The lumber used to build and decorate the bar was sourced from the property and milled by Matt’s own hands. They crafted the light fixtures inside the store by repurposing an old apple picking ladder. Even the cabinets were repurposed from Matt’s grandmother’s house. She used the cabinets in her house to hold homemade preserves.

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