About us

Why Distilling?  Well since the first time Matthew built a still from a tea kettle he was hooked, it fulfilled everything he loved, fermenting, science, and just the amazing smells and aromas that come off the still.  Every advancement that he made in the evolution of his craft yielded better products more control over the process, and preforming tasks at a profitable pace.  We started off growing apples as this is what the family has done for the past 7 generations.  As times change apple sales were found to be lagging slightly and we had encountered an abundance in supply but not enough direct sale demand.  In 2011 we moved into the cider business which has become very successful for us, but still we have the same problem, we still have excess apples that needed processing.  the next piece of the puzzle is attending a week long master distiller workshop in Kelowna B.C., this further fueled Matthews passion of distillation, seeing hands on how to produce larger volumes with even more efficiency.