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Gagetown Distilling and Cidery started as a local fruit farm that was tired of watching their fruit go to waste. With it becoming increasingly difficult for small farms to get shelf space at grocery stores, they learned how to turn their fresh apples into cider and spirits. Now they share their produce with Canada by creating sustainable and locally made ciders and spirits the community can enjoy and feel good about purchasing. 

If you have the opportunity to support your local community you should, as

     much as you can”.

Matt and Heather own and operate the Gagetown Distilling and Cidery. After taking over Matt’s family farm, Matt discovered his passion for distilling and creating innovative products made from local ingredients. Matt is constantly inventing new flavour combinations and perfecting old favourites to be enjoyed all year long. 

Whether you’re cooling down with an iced cider on a hot summer day or warming up with a creamy Apple Brandy hot chocolate on a brisk winter day, Gagetown Distilling and Cidery provides refreshing spirits and ciders for all Canadian seasons.   

Gagetown Fruit Farm

Our Family

Visit us at our store, we’ll happily to help find your new favourite cider and spirit!

Or find our products at your local ANBL- if you don't, request for them there :-)

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